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"The Ibiza Affair" is a series about the October political scandal

“The Ibiza Affair” is a series about the October political scandal

Updated August 3, 2021 at 8:22 PM

  • The broadcast dates of the mini-series “The Ibiza Affair” are known.
  • In October, the four episodes of the political scandal surrounding former Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache will be shown on Sky.
  • The first trailer was also released.

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The airing of the short series “The Ibiza Affair” by Christopher Scherr has been set. A movie based on an amazing political scandal around it Heinz Christian Strache, the former Austrian FPÖ Vice-Chancellor (2017-2019), will be shown in double episodes on Sky Atlantic on October 21-28 at 8:15pm. In addition, the four episodes will be available on Sky Ticket and Sky Q starting October 21.

The trailer, also released, gives a little bit of a start to the series. You can see Austrian actor Nicholas Offcharek (“Der Bass”) as private investigator Julian Hesenthaler and German-Lebanese actor David A. Hamada (“4 Blocks”) as Vienna’s attorney Ramin Mirfakhray. She is the mastermind behind the video, which was secretly recorded in Ibiza.

With “The Ibiza Affair”, director Christopher Sheer addressed the political scandal that became known by that name. The cast is top notch — including Nicholas Ovcharek as private investigator Julian H. and David A. Hamada as Mirfakhray’s lawyer – providing the best entertainment. Sky Atlantic will air two episodes on October 21 and 28 at 8:15 PM. The four episodes will also be available on demand from October 21 on Sky Ticket and via Sky Q. Trailer: Petro Domenigg / Sky Studios / W & B Television / epo film

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The video documented a meeting that lasted for several hours between Strache and former FPÖ president Johan Goodnus with the niece of a Russian oligarch in Finca in Ibiza. It was published on May 17, 2019 by Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel and sparked a political scandal, which led to Strache’s resignation.

“Ibiza Affair”: These actors play other roles

The role of the former Austrian Vice-Chancellor was played by Viennese artist Andreas Last. The Goodnus is portrayed by Julian Lohmann and his wife, Tajana Goodnus, by Cosima Leininger. Russian actress Anna Gorshkova embodies the niece of the alleged oligarch.

Stefan Murr and Patrick Goldenberg play SZ journalists Bastian Obermayer and Friedrich Obermayer, who were the first to post the video.
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For the FPÖ, the National Assembly elections in Austria were a disaster. Now “Kronen Zeitung” also posted a quick tweet and mocked the party.