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Elon Musk is hard-pressed with a 19-year-old – and he wants a Tesla from him

Elon Musk is hard-pressed with a 19-year-old – and he wants a Tesla from him

Elon Musk wrestles with a 19-year-old who is tracking his private jet on Twitter. Photo: dpa-Zentralbild / POOL / Patrick Pleul

Tesla Boss Elon Musk He’s got a problem with a “plane stalker”: Jack Sweeney is the name of the young man behind the Twitter account “Elon Musk’s Jet” and meticulously records there for 123,000 followers where and when billionaire Musk lands or takes off with his private jet. For this purpose, Sweeney has programmed a bot that evaluates publicly available location data from the ICAO and to Twitter processed.

The tech billionaire doesn’t like all this. As the news portal “Protocol” now reports, “It’s a security risk. I don’t like the idea of ​​me going crazy,” Musk wrote to Sweeney in a direct message at the end of 2021. The young programmer was asked to immediately delete the Twitter account. “Okay, but that’s going to cost you a Tesla Model 3,” he replied rudely.

In the end, after some back and forth, Musk offered him $5,000. Not enough for Sweeney. “I have a lot work Put it down, $5000 isn’t really enough. Deleting this account will not stop anyone from doing anything bad.” After all, Musk’s flight data can also be accessed on other websites.

But Sweeney was “willing to compromise”. “Is there any chance of raising $50,000? This would be a great support for the college and could allow me to do to me To purchase, perhaps even a Model 3,” he wrote to Musk, according to protocol.

However, he has not received any answer yet. For Sweeney, who also tracks the planes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, among others, this is no reason to give up. Instead of money, he’s now asking Musk to get an internship at Tesla. But this request has also remained unanswered so far. Sweeney thinks he knows why. “I think it’s there now holidays in Hawaii when I look at the details of his trip.”

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