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Elon Musk - Twitter becoming "the most accurate source of information".

Elon Musk – Twitter becoming “the most accurate source of information”.

New Twitter owner Elon Musk wants to make the social media platform “by far the most accurate source of information around the world.” “This is our mission,” the Tesla founder and billionaire wrote in a tweet Sunday evening (local time), sparking a lively debate among users about how he would like to do it. Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey asked, “Exactly, in whose eyes?”

Musk had announced that he would form a committee “with very different views” to edit content on Twitter. No decisions will be made about content or reinstatement of suspended account holders until this committee meets.

Musk describes himself as an absolute defender of the “freedom of speech” guaranteed by the US Constitution. However, his stance has raised fears that Twitter could also become a playground for extremist views or conspiracy theories. Teams that previously reviewed and moderated content on Twitter were among those affected by the wave of layoffs late last week. Musk laid off about half of its 7,500-strong workforce after acquiring Twitter for $44 billion (44.6 billion euros).

The company is bringing back employees

According to a report by Bloomberg News, the company is now trying to bring back dozens of laid-off employees. Some of them were terminated in error, while management only then realized they could be critical to the new features Musk wants to introduce to Twitter, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the development. At first there was no comment on Twitter.

Since Saturday, Twitter has charged eight dollars from users who want their accounts marked as real with a blue tick. So far, the code has been customized for free. It is the first changes that go back to Musk. With Twitter Blue, paying users will also see fewer ads and can post longer videos. Musk wants to use this to increase revenue. When changing names, users should immediately lose the tag, the new owner announced. The New York Times reported on Sunday that Twitter wanted to wait until after the US midterm elections on Tuesday (November 8) to implement it. “Midterm” is seen as a key test for Twitter after Musk’s power grab. Critics fear that the network could collapse.

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Part of Musk’s new line is that users who pretend to be someone else on Twitter will be permanently banned without warning unless they flag their account as “phishing.” So far, Twitter has warned her first. (Abba)