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Basic display: green indicates EVN

Basic display: green indicates EVN


The Greens in Lower Austria reported the energy provider EVN. He is accused of not providing a sufficiently transparent basic service tariff on his website. In addition, this tariff is very high. EVN denied.

basic power supply

Primary power supply refers to the legally established guarantee of the primary power supply. This applies if citizens and small business owners can no longer pay the agreed-upon tariffs. The energy supplier must offer the affected customer the same tariff as the base supply tariff that the majority of its customers purchase – more on this at Helpful tips against exorbitant gas bills (, 4 July 2022).

The Green Party of Lower Austria accuses EVN of violating state laws regarding the level and transparency of basic energy supplies. In the basic supply tariff, EVN charges a very high rate of 54 cents per kilowatt-hour. Compared to the assembly, EVN will charge four times as much, criticizing Green Party leader Helga Kresmer. In the case of the Federation (also owned by the state), a kilowatt-hour in the primary supply costs just under 16 cents. The state owns a 51 percent stake in EVN.

The Green Party leader criticized: “While Lower Austria collects profits, on the other hand it behaves as if it were sponsoring and giving discounts on electricity prices.” Chrismer talks about a “shabby game”. “I expect EVN to quickly and immediately admit that it is not acting on the basis of the law.” Chrismer says the corresponding complaint against EVN was “already in the mail” with the Mödling County Authority.

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Helga Kreismer, chairwoman of the Green Party in Lower Austria, identifies a “shabby game” in tariff design and the transparency of basic services tariffs

EVN: Acting ‘exactly according to the law’

EVN rejects the accusation. The basic service tariff will be offered “exactly in accordance with the law,” EVN spokesperson Stefan Zach confirms to The tariff that most customers buy is the “Optima Flex Natur” tariff at 54 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The Greens see another violation of the law in the transparency of tariffs for essential services. Krismer accuses EVN of not displaying the show enough to switch to the main service on the homepage as required by law. According to Kreismer, EVN should inform customers of the type of contract they use most often and provide them with a switch to the basic service.

This accusation was also met with a lack of understanding at EVN. Definitions can be called up on the EVN homepage, according to Zach: “The greens are already in campaign mode. Emotions are usually more important than facts.”