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Embody and CD PROJEKT RED bring spatial audio to Night City – SHOCK2

Embody and CD PROJEKT RED bring spatial audio to Night City – SHOCK2

CD Projekt Red, in collaboration with Embody, developers of spatial audio technology for all media, today announced Immerse Gamepack for Cyberpunk 2077, a custom spatial audio software that allows players to immerse themselves in the audio world of Night City.

The Immerse Gamepack Cyberpunk 2077 is feature-rich and allows players to experience the dark futuristic RPG with realistic audio depth, height, and 360-degree directional accuracy. Features like Immerse Personalized HRTF and Head Tracking improve spatial audio realism and directional accuracy, allowing the user to more accurately hear sounds above and behind them – perfectly mapped by the built-in sonar map feature, which shows where every sound in game is coming from. To ensure the best truly personalized experience, an ear-wiping setup process, along with an equalizer, is available for a wide range of gaming headsets, allowing you to customize the sound balance to your liking.

Developed in collaboration with the audio team at CD PROJEKT RED, Embody's Immerse Gamepack Cyberpunk 2077 delivers a new level of audio immersion, drawing players deeper than ever into the audio world of Night City. The software will be available for a one-time purchase, with a 14-day free trial for those who want to try before they buy. The program will launch globally on June 20, 2024 and will be available via the official Embody website.

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