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How well does F1 24 play?  The new part in screening technology

How well does F1 24 play? The new part in screening technology

The new F1 24 car has been available since last week. The annual release of a new F1 game is a challenge, which is why this year's installment of the series presents itself as an iterative development.

However, there are important improvements, such as completely revised tracks, including Silverstone and Spa. The drivers have also been re-examined to create a more modern image, including improved hair rendering. Digital Foundry took a closer look at the new part of the technology screening.

How different is F1 24 from F1 23?

Codemasters continues to rely on the proven EGO engine, which is scalable, cross-generation capable, and supports ray tracing on newer PC and consoles. However, the question remains: Does this engine offer a true experience of the next generation of Formula 1 or just subtle differences from last year?

This year, the Braking Point story mode will be ditched, instead focusing on the Career mode, which now offers new scenes between races. These sequences show newly designed drivers who closely resemble their real-life counterparts. Improved skin and eye shading as well as enhanced hair presentation ensure a more authentic appearance. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, whose hair was previously covered by team caps, can now freely show their hair. Overall, all details, from freckles to light reflections, are rendered more realistically.

Four circuits were completely renovated this year: Silverstone, Spa Circuit, Losail International Circuit, and Jeddah Corniche Circuit. These revisions include new materials for the asphalt, gravel and metal barriers, as well as updated off-trail details such as trees and buildings. The modifications mean that parts of the track, such as the opening turn at Spa, look different to last year. Updating these tracks ensures a newer, more realistic racing experience.

Cross-platform comparisons from Digital Foundry show that the F1 24 runs well on all systems. The PS5 and Series All consoles maintain 60 FPS in Racing mode, but the S Series lacks a 120 FPS mode. Ray tracing on consoles is only used for menus and scenes, which often results in a loss of performance. During a race, the game switches to traditional rendering methods to ensure 60fps stability.

The width of the motors has been greatly improved, which is especially beneficial to hair. So much so that Codemasters no longer have to hide them with hats. At the same time, four tracks were comprehensively reviewed.

The PC version offers the most comprehensive ray tracing experience, which is especially noticeable in reflections and shadows. Ray-traced reflections and shadows look more natural and realistic, while SSR techniques found on consoles have some limitations. Ray-traced surround occlusion and DDGI fill in the corners and edges of the cockpit more realistically. Despite these limitations, performance on consoles remains stable at 60fps during races, with only cinematics suffering from lower frame rates. Overall, F1 24 is a solid, if repetitive, continuation of the Digital Foundry series, but it hopes for even bigger innovations in the coming year.

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