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Emergency ship: US halts temporary port plan in Gaza

Emergency ship: US halts temporary port plan in Gaza

America will attack them on the beach Gaza Strip A makeshift port built for humanitarian aid deliveries should be removed. First, the ship will operate again on Wednesday for a few days to move the rest of the relief supplies, US officials said. However, it will be removed permanently.

U.S. officials said aid piled up in Cyprus and on floating docks off the coast still needed to be moved to a safer location off the coast of Gaza. Once this happens the army will disband the jetty and leave. The sources wish to remain anonymous as final details are still being worked out.

It marks the end of a project that has long been plagued by bad weather, security risks and difficulties in delivering food to starving Palestinians. After a week of commissioning in mid-May, the structure was damaged by strong winds and high waves and had to be repaired. She returned to service on 7 June but was decommissioned again on 14 June due to bad weather. Most recently, she had to stop operations on June 28 and was taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Always temporary

Aid through the port had earlier been suspended due to security concerns. The United Nations halted supplies by ship on June 9 after the Israeli military used the area around the facility for airlift during a hostage rescue the previous day. The representatives of Israel and the America He assured that the ship was not used for propaganda. However, the UN said the mere idea that this might have happened could affect its aid operations.

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The U.S. hoped to be able to bring a significant portion of aid supplies to the starving Gaza Strip ashore through the temporary port. However, the US Department of Defense has said the ship is only a temporary plan to force Israel to deliver aid by land, which is more productive than a temporary port. More than 8,600 tons of food were brought to the Gaza Strip through this route.