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US Stops Russian Disinformation Campaign on X

US Stops Russian Disinformation Campaign on X

According to the Justice Department, the United States has stopped Russia's disinformation campaign on the online service X (Twitter). The US Department of Justice said yesterday (local time) that the campaign used artificial intelligence (AI)-supported bots – ie computer programs – to create fake profiles on X.

Authorities seized two web domains and searched 968 profiles. Russian officials allegedly used it to create a “bot farm” to spread disinformation in the US and other countries.

Fake profiles spread false information

The “bot farm” used AI components to create fictitious profiles. They mostly pretended to be from America. The U.S. Department of Justice said the profiles were used by operators to spread messages that supported the goals of the Russian government.

The aim was to sow discord in America and elsewhere. The project was created by a high-ranking editor at Russian state broadcaster RT, financed by the Kremlin and supported by the Russian secret service FSB.

With important elections this year, including the US presidential election in November, experts are concerned about the rise in cyber attacks. Among other things, they worry that fraudulent content could be generated in large quantities in seconds using AI.

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