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Emerging Priests Land in America With Christmas CD Chart Success DOMRADIO.DE

The success of these candidates for the priesthood is questionable: with a Christmas CD, the Seminarians of Peter Broodschaft of Vikratspat, South Bavaria, topped the American Billboard rankings in the Classical category.

Since its release in late September, the album “Sancta Nox – Christ Matins from Bavaria” has topped the American classical music charts.

The relevant report of the Internet portal was confirmed at the request of a spokesperson for PetroSproter. The name of the cow for the night prayer in the Catholic Church.

Sung in Germany

The CD was sung by six candidates for the clergy at the former St. Magnus Monastery Church in Pat Schuenrid, Upper Swabia. They offer the top 17 topics: Gregorian magic, polyphonic systems of Christmas mom speeches and the multilingual language of “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

The trailer of the CD says that this music brings people closer to the great mystery of Christmas. The work was produced by American Grammy Award winner Christopher Alder of Hamburg.

Young singers interpret old music

The Catholic Telegraph, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, quoted one of the singers involved as saying: “The uniqueness of these recordings is that we are young singers who sing very old and respected music.”

“The average age of our group is 25 and the average age of the music we sing may be 800.”

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