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Emmeter competes in drift championships in the United States

Emmeter competes in drift championships in the United States

Drift Championship

Two ammeters actually go full speed in the US

With great personal commitment, two emmeters are involved in the Drift Championship in America.

Joshua Reynolds, one of Emmeton’s two drift athletes, at an autograph session at Formula Drift 2022.

Image: Christoph Näpflin

Joshua Reynolds and Yves Meyer, two young racing drivers from Emmet, are involved in American Formula Drift 2022, the most important league in the world in this sport. Drift sport is a type of motor sport that arose from the driving technique of the same name. Here the driver tries to overdrive his vehicle while maintaining control and high speed.

“It’s a passion that requires a lot of attention and good control over the vehicle,”

Yves Meyer explains his great interest in this type of racing. After races in Atlanta and Orlando, Nidwalden’s team started in New Jersey a few days ago. “After an unfortunate incident that didn’t go unnoticed, we had to fix our cars instead of training,” Yves Meyer explained the unsuccessful start. After a warm-up lap, the youngster from Nidwalden put in a very well-judged run on the track, entering the final sixteenth with no previous practice.

Young Emmeter Yves Meyer finished 18th in the American Drift Championship.

Young Emmeter Yves Meyer finished 18th in the American Drift Championship.

Image: Christoph Näpflin

In the next leg exchange, Yves Meyer had to go to the drift track with the Japanese Wataru Masuyama. “Even though we both delivered a clean race with no obvious mistakes, the judges decided in favor of the Asian and unfortunately against me,” said the young racing driver from Emmet with disappointment.

Joshua Reynolds will have to wait a little longer

Thanks to the qualifying points, Yves Mayer moved up from 24th to 18th in the championship. With the technology of his racing car specially developed for these races with large tire widths and strong sidewalls, and the perfect performance of Korea’s tires, the experienced drifter can now bring his full power to the race track even better and more precisely. “I hope I can go further in the championship,” says the young racing driver, who is very optimistic about the future.

Teammate Joshua Reynolds of Emmet has less material. He is waiting for a spare part for the front axle.

“Unfortunately, it is uncertain how long it will be before I can actively participate in racing again.”

Joshua Reynolds regrets the current delivery disruptions. The next Formula Drift event, which always brings tens of thousands of spectators to the racetrack, will begin in a few days in St. Louis, Illinois. Of course, both emmeter racers want to get involved again.

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