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End of an Era – Heinburg: Sparkass moves to the shopping center

End of an Era – Heinburg: Sparkass moves to the shopping center

After 98 years, the Sparkasse hotel is leaving its location on the main square and moving to the “Galleria Danubia” shopping center. This represents the end of an era. The house on the main square was purchased and adapted in 1925 for 50,000 shillings. On October 31, 1925, the first World Savings Day was held in Šbarkas.

The Board of Directors, Wolfgang Popp and Gerda Leitner, decided on the change together with the shareholders after a comprehensive analysis. Main reason: The house on the main square is too large for business operations, and the new headquarters is located in an easily accessible and frequented location. In this way, the savings bank can continue to respond to customer needs and adapt its services accordingly. “By investing in the Hainburg site, we are showing that we have confidence in the economic future of the city,” says board member Gerda Leitner. The branch located in the Galleria Danubia at Pressburger Reichsstraße 1 offers customers contemporary equipment, modern technology, several discreet areas and, above all, sufficient parking options.

This move makes it possible to meet the requirements of a modern bank: consulting rooms bearing the names of local tourist attractions and a firewall with regional images aim to reflect the connection to the region. “The efficiency benefits of the new location ultimately outweighed the emotional factors that evoked nostalgia,” Lightner says. The new building will be available for commercial operations from November 29. The official opening will take place on December 1st from 6:30pm in the newly designed Sparkasse area. All citizens are invited to music, punch and delicious cuisine.

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The city views this move with tearful eyes. “I think this move is disappointing, and I had hoped that the Sparkasse Hotel would remain in the city centre,” commented Mayor Helmut Schmid (ÖVP).