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Energy Weather – – NÖ Lifestyle

Energy Weather – – NÖ Lifestyle

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How Much Electricity Do Green Power Plants Produce in Lower Austria? Can we cover our electricity needs with renewable energies? After “Lower Austria today” there is a weekly review and tips for saving energy every day.

Weather affects more than just our well-being: sunlight, wind and rain also affect the performance of photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and hydroelectric plants.

The weekly Energy Weather Review shows the effects of current weather conditions on electricity production from renewable energies every Friday after the TV show “Lower Austria Today” (7pm, ORF2N). On the following Monday are tips on how to save energy in everyday life.

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“Lower Austria Today,” 7 p.m., ORF2N

Lower Austria’s electricity requirements in 2022 were completely covered by renewable energies – this is the result of the annual balance sheet of the Lower Austrian Energy Agency.
This means that more than 70,000 photovoltaic systems, more than 650 hydroelectric plants, 762 wind turbines and 106 biomass power plants generated as much green electricity in one year as is consumed in one year. However, the most sustainable kilowatt-hours are those that are not consumed in the first place. There are many ways to save energy in everyday life: at home when doing laundry or cooking, by purchasing energy-saving appliances such as LED lights or household appliances with category Higher energy efficiency, or by purchasing your own commuting behavior.

Get rid of oil and gas with ‘clean’ electricity

Electricity in particular is a very versatile source of energy and is a beacon of hope when it comes to eliminating fossil fuels like oil and gas from the power system!
In the future, electricity will play a major role in mobility and in the generation of hot water (solar thermal energy). For example, electric cars powered by electricity from renewable energy should revolutionize automated private transportation and make it more environmentally friendly. One wind turbine is enough to power more than 3,000 electric cars with electricity for a year – and without polluting the climate.

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Interested parties can see the current state of “clean” energy generation in Lower Austria in the live energy index tracking.