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Ennser wrote music for stage am Fluss Steyr with fellow country musicians

Ennser wrote music for stage am Fluss Steyr with fellow country musicians

Enns/Steyr. Composer Wiff LaGrange from Enns presents his thirteenth theatrical work – the music for the play “The Merry Women”, which is performed at the Am Fluss Steyr Theater.

Director Bernard Opel and author Herbert Walzel set the story—originally written by William Shakespeare—in the Wild West. For compositions in rustic and western style, LaGrange got help from the USA. His childhood friend, Linz-born musician Werner Arthur Assanger, immigrated to Florida in 1995 and has been producing country bands there for years. He is an expert on the country scene and also successfully works with musicians and singers in Nashville. Through a random Facebook post, the two musicians are back in the conversation.

It seems from the United States

In order to embody the collaboration, Assanger visited Austria at the beginning of May and visited Lagrange in his studio in Enz as well as the team at the Theater am Floss in Steyr. Asanger will incorporate his knowledge of country-style sound design and enrich LaGrange’s compositions with arrangements typical of violin, banjo, bass and hard guitar. But not only reggae, rap and love song are presented in this piece. Dance breaks and dancing can complete the scene and promise a fun evening at the theatre. The world premiere and premiere will take place on July 14th in the natural setting of the Theater am Floss Steyr. The game is played every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until August 13th. All the information is there over here.