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Entrepreneur Dialogues: Young and Innovative Working in the Region

Entrepreneur Dialogues: Young and Innovative Working in the Region

Feldkirchen tour: Economics consultant congratulates Gusta Garden on the company’s anniversary and visits the family business of Ofer.

Field Churches, Wachsenburg. What started in 2017 with the potato tower “Pool Potato” is now one of the most successful exporters in Carinthia with “Tomato”, “Sissy Strawberry” and “Sami Salad”. We are talking about the company Gusta Garden GmbH based in Feldkirch. The idea behind the individual products: Innovative and space-saving planters so that everyone can easily grow healthy fruit and vegetable plants on their balcony or terrace. A water tank, fixed climbing assistant and hooks are incorporated to attach the buds. The company recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

new product

Economy Minister Sebastian Schuschnigg also took the opportunity to personally congratulate the four founders of the innovative Feldkirch-based company – Lucas Burger, Armin Botazoni, Fabian Berker and David Dietrich – on their company’s anniversary. As part of the anniversary celebration, the latest innovative multi-plant product “Harry Herbs” was introduced. “It shows how much potential there is in companies in Feldkirchen. We develop the workplace through innovative products and creativity. I congratulate you on your anniversary,” says Sebastian Schuschnigg.
During his tour, the Minister of Economy also visited the Overbody Shop in Wachsenburg to discuss current economic issues with General Manager Robert Ofer.

Initial and continuing education

The company, which was founded by Franz Ofer in 1996 as a solo operation, now employs more than 20 people. The family business was recently handed over to Robert Ofer. The company itself attaches great importance to training and further education of all employees. Trainees are also trained on an ongoing basis. “It is regional entrepreneurs who ensure employment and value added locally,” says Schuschnig. “So the burden on SMEs in particular must be eased so that they can invest. Current electricity prices and a shortage of skilled labor pose huge challenges. This is why personal exchange Being with local businesses is very important to me, because this is how I can get to know the interests of regional entrepreneurs firsthand.”

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