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Amazon relies on electric cars

Amazon Billions are invested in electrifying the delivery truck fleet. Over the next five years, more than €1 billion will be invested in low-emission electric delivery vans, trucks and parcel centers in Europe. As the online retailer announced Monday, it wants to speed up its climate goals in order to become CO2 neutral by 2040. Amazon’s fleet of electric delivery trucks in Europe is expected to more than triple from 3,000 to more than 10,000 Vehicle by 2025. The group did not provide any information on what percentage of the European delivery fleet is actually electrified. It was only said that more than 100 million packages were delivered last year out of an existing 3,000 electric delivery trucks. The company also plans to purchase more than 1,500 electric trucks in the coming years for use in shipments to parcel centers. In addition, Amazon wants to invest in thousands of charging stations in locations across Europe.

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