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Environmentalists criticize water pollution on Italian beaches

Environmentalists criticize water pollution on Italian beaches

Environmental protection organization Legambiente has criticized water pollution on Italy’s beaches at the height of the tourist season. Every third water sample is contaminated by an increase in the number of bacteria Kahn, writes the environmentalists in a report published Friday.

The most common E. coli bacteria

Water samples were examined in the laboratory of the Legambiante ship “Golitta Verde”. From a total of 387 specimens collected in the marine waters and lakes of the peninsula, 32 percent (124 out of 387) above the legal limit. Most of the bugs – about with coli They are found at the mouths of rivers, canals, or in places where untreated sewage is discharged.

In many cases, samples with increased bacterial levels were taken near bathing facilities or beaches.

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The demand for better wastewater treatment plants

The Environment Association stressed the need to make more investments to improve the efficiency of treatment plants and complete the sewage network. “40 percent of the sewage in our cities is not adequately cleaned.

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The European Union has warned Italy several times and launched four breach actions for non-compliance with the European Wastewater Directive. “So far, the fines have cost our country more than 142 million euros,” Legambiante said in a message.

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