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Epic Games loses hundreds of millions of dollars

Epic Games loses hundreds of millions of dollars

The Battle of the Giants is currently taking place on PC. The two stores that currently dominate this market are steam And the Epic Games Store. Trying to get more guys from steam To attract away, Epic Games is currently losing hundreds of millions of dollars. This is mainly because Epic currently offers many major titles for free and incurs these costs themselves.

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Epic Games loses hundreds of millions of dollars in store and in court

Not only is the game store and free games are expensive. Besides losing $ 330 million for these games Epic games Also currently on a different front. Although they have not finished negotiations, the dispute continues an Apple Continue. Not being able to lead this market at the moment is costing Epic a large number of players. The mobile gaming market is one of the most important markets to watch out for today.

In addition to the free games, Epic spent more than 400 million on exclusive titles last year. These are the license fees for specific games only at An epic game store Included and not on Steam. However, these licenses were only purchased for a period of one year. So it needs to be updated again to maintain the exclusivity towards Steam.

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MARVEL licenses also cost Epic Games © Epic

Epic has already responded to these reports

While these numbers are known to insiders and keep an eye on other companies, Epic is confident. From Apple, for example, it is called Epic Games is currently losing millions of dollars So it is seen epic This fact is currently as investments in the future. You will rotate these numbers and count as well.

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Because last year alone, players were in Epic Games Store Turned 700 million. However, out of those 700 million strong, only 265 million went to the aforementioned exclusive titles for epic Pay for licenses. So this is slightly less than the amount invested. at epic However, if you are optimistic about the upside and that all of these investments will pay off in the long run.