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Epic Games Store: More money for developers who bring their old games with them

Epic Games Store: More money for developers who bring their old games with them

Epic Games wants to expand the catalog of games on its Epic Games Store with additional incentives for developers. Anyone who later brings games that have already been released on other platforms to the Epic Games Store can keep all the sales they make. Typically, 12 percent of sales must go to Epic Games.


The program is called “Now in the epic” It is primarily aimed at increasing the overall catalog of the store platform. While Epic Games already has programs to bring new games to the store, it’s clear that titles that have already been released have been neglected thus far. The goal seems to be to be able to offer a more comprehensive selection to Epic Games Store users.

Development studios that bring games published on other platforms to the Epic Store before October 31, 2023 can participate. Epic places great importance on completeness: anyone who has developed fewer than three games must bring them all to the Epic Games Store in order to qualify for the reward. Studios with a larger volume of developments must publish at least three of them on the Epic Games Store — but not necessarily all at once, but by June 30, 2025.

The six-month period in which developers keep all revenue begins with the release of the individual game. After the period ends, Epic Games will once again receive the standard 12 percent of total sales.

The “Now at Epic” program complements the recently introduced “First Run” program: participating developers can also keep all income from their game for six months as long as they distribute their game exclusively in the Epic Games Store during the same period. Developers are only allowed to display their titles without restrictions in the first half of the year in their own store. After the mid-year period ends, development studios will be allowed to offer their titles on Steam and other distribution platforms.

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In September, Epic president Tim Sweeney announced widespread job cuts. The company is laying off 830 employees, representing about 16 percent of the workforce. Epic justified the layoffs with excessive spending.


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