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EQS-PVR: Palfinger AG: Issue pursuant to Article 135, Section 2, BörseG with a view to distribution in Europe

EQS Voting Rights Declaration: Palfinger AG Palfinger AG: Issue pursuant to Article 135, Section 2 BörseG with a view to distribution across Europe 07.01.2022 / 16:29 Publication of the Voting Rights Declaration sent by EQS – a service of EQS Group AG. The issuer is responsible for the content of this ad. ————————————————– ————————————————– Bergheim, 7.1.2022 Overview O Notification takes place after the deadline Caution: According to Article 137 BörseG 2018, the suspension of voting rights must be considered if the person is in breach of the notification obligation to participate. 1. Issuer: PALFINGER AG 2. Reason for Notification: Acquisition/Sale of Shares (Voting Rights) 3. Person in Charge Name: Global Alpha Capital Management Partnership Registered Office: Montreal Country: Canada 4. Shareholders’ Name: 5. Threshold Date Contact: 5.1 .2022 6. The total position of the person required to report the percentages of the voting rights percentages, the sum total of the total number of voting rights represented by the financial / other voting rights 7.A + 7.B belongs to the instruments it represents (7.B.1 + in% From the Issuer (7.A) 7.B.2) Position at 3.99% 0.00% 3.99% 37593258 Day Limit Connection Position at 4.01% 0.00% 4.01% Previous Report (if applicable) Details 7. Details about instruments held on the day Minimum touched: A: The voting rights of ISIN shares of the shares Number of voting rights Percentage of voting rights Direct Indirect Indirect (Section 130 BörseG 2018) (Section 133 BörseG 2018) (Section 130 BörseG 2018) (Section 133 BörseG 2018) AT0000758305 1502044 3.99% Appendix A 1502044 3.99% B 1: Financial instruments/other instruments pursuant to Section 131 (1) No. 1 BörseG 2018 Instrument Type Expiry date Exercise period Number of voting rights Percentage of voting rights that can be acquired, Appendix B.1 B2: Financial instruments / other instruments according to Section 131 Paragraph 1 Z 2 BörseG 2018 Expiry date type Physical or cash exercise period Number of percentage Instruments Settlement of Voting Rights Voting Rights Subpart B.2 8. Information about the Person to be Reported: O The person who is required to report the Person (Point 3) is not controlled by a natural/legal person and does not control any other person who owns Instruments directly or indirectly directly in the source. X The entire series of controlled companies in which voting rights and/or financial/other instruments are held, starting with the ultimate controlling natural or legal person: under direct control directly owned and directly owned by another financial/total total of the number name through rights instruments Voting (%) Both in Stock (%) (%) Global Alpha 1 Capital Management Partnership Global Alpha 2 Capital 1 3.99% 3.99% Management Ltd. 9. In the case of a power of attorney to vote, the date of the general meeting: – Share of voting rights after the general meeting: – corresponds to – voting rights 10. Other comments: Global Alpha Capital Management Ltd. He is a discretionary asset manager based in Canada and has filed the notification on behalf of a number of pooled funds and client accounts, for which Global Alpha Capital Management Ltd. He has discretionary control over voting rights. Units of pooled funds are owned by different clients. Global Alpha Capital Management Limited does not hold any of the shares on its behalf. ————————————————– ————————————————– 07.01.2022 ———————————————— ————————————————– — Language: German Company: Palfinger AG Lamprechtshausener Bundesstrasse 8 5020 Salzburg Austria Internet:

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