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1 billion euros fines from the GDPR in 2021

1 billion euros fines from the GDPR in 2021

A quick look at the growing number of fines imposed in Europe shows that the GDPR is by no means a toothless tiger. […]


the aggregate– general orderDSGVO) has a noble goal, which is IGiving citizens more control over their data and privacy. In order to achieve this, responsible authorities are imposing more and more fines, VPN provider Atlas VPN has collected ( In 2021, 412 notifications were issued with a total value of more than 1 billion euros. This is 521 percent more than the 171 million euros in the previous year. In 2018, he started relatively modestly with fines of 436 thousand euros, but the following year 72 million euros was collected.

Register fines on Amazon and WhatsApp

The lion’s share of the fine in 2021 will be attributed to Electronic trade– And cloudsAmazon Giant. Against imposed in July 2021 Luxembourg Data Protection Authority A fine of 746 million euros. The reason was tracking Amazon, which also collected huge amounts of data in order to be able to provide users with personalized ads. Later that year, WhatsApp was hit and the Irish Data Protection Commission fined it €225 million. This was justified by the lack of transparency in the transfer of personal data to other Facebook companies.

Vilius Kardelis, cyber security expert at Atlas VPN, draws the conclusion from developing fines: “ DSGVO Successfully hold companies accountable for misuse of people’s data or data Privacy policy Unclear wording. Businesses are becoming more responsible in handling their customer data in order to avoid exorbitant fines from regulators, which ultimately happen to everyone. ICitizens benefit.

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Fines by country

If you look at the distribution on a file Istates, then Spain in the lead with 351 fines. This was an average of €105,000 per company. Italy came in second with 101 fines. Here, with an average of 887,000 euros, companies have to pay more in Europe. Germany ranks sixth on this list with 39 fines and a total of around 50 million euros.

General Data Protection Regulation penalties by country
the earth Number of fine notifications Total Amount (in Euros)
Spain 351 36,742,810
Italia 101 89,624,096
Romania 68 720,95
Hungary 45 828,183
Norway 40 8,973,550
Germany 39 50160.083
Poland 30 2,189,948
Greece 27 919
Belgium 26 1,033,000
Czech Republic 25 165903

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