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Equal pay for football players in the United States

The two national teams and the trade unionists of the American League agreed on a historic collective agreement.

Women footballers on the U.S. national team will receive the same pay and salary as their male counterparts in the future. The American Football Association and the unions of the women’s and men’s national teams have signed historic collective agreements.

Accordingly, the contracts, which run until 2028, ensure that women who are more successful than men receive the same bonus payments for major events such as the national team and world championships, and generally the men’s team receive the same salary. The association distributes a portion of its revenue equally to both teams through broadcasting, ticket sales and sponsorship.

According to the association, the United States was the first country to introduce a fee equivalent to a World Cup bonus. In 2019, the Australian men’s and women’s teams agreed on the same pay and work structure, but not on the same World Cup bonus payments.

“This is a truly historic moment. These deals have changed the game in the United States forever, and have the potential to change the game around the world,” said Cindy Barlow Cohn, president of the association.

Successful negotiations ended the legal controversy that began in March 2019 with American footballers. The women’s U.S. national team has won four Olympic gold and four world titles, while the men are waiting for a significant victory in a major competition.

(APA / dpa / Reuters)