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Donald Trump’s favorite doctor.  Oz trembles at US primaries

Donald Trump’s favorite doctor. Oz trembles at US primaries

D.He became the Republican primary expected nail-biter in Pennsylvania. On Tuesday evening all eyes were on the inner party Campaign To run in the Senate election. In the end, there were a few things to remember about the 2020 presidential election: There were problems with counting postal votes. Rumors soon circulated that a re-vote count was necessary. One of the most expensive election campaigns of the pre-election season went into overtime.

Majid Sattar

Washington-based North American political correspondent.

When the Republican vote of 83 percent was counted, Dave McCormick spoke to his supporters. He would win, but unfortunately could only count tens of thousands of postal votes on Wednesday. Therefore, no decision can be made for now. The former hedge fund manager opposed it Donald Trump Support TV Doctor Mehmet Oz. In the final stages of the campaign, a third African-American, Kathy Barnett, topped the Trump-backed candidate, Dr. Oz, on the right.

Why the governor election is important

Donald Trump, who only supports those in the “primaries” behind his “America First” movement, has turned the primaries into a referendum on his influence in the party with his election recommendations. He was not ashamed of the danger. But “Dr. Despite the former president’s campaign assistance, Oz did not act, and Trump defended himself. A few days ago he nominated Doug Mastriano, who wants to be governor. Colonel A. D. sits in the Pennsylvania State Senate and represents a form of religious nationalism in his party. He was at the Trump rally in Washington on January 6, 2021, but he was not one of those who attacked Capitol.

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Although Mastriano is a staunch “first America” ​​Republican who will do almost anything to keep Trump in office after the 2020 presidential election, the former president has long been reluctant to support Mastriano. “Dr. Oz “could not give the desired result, Trump stood behind Mastriano – so he could eventually show at least one trophy in Pennsylvania. This calculation paid off. Mastriano won the governorship.

The governor election in November is also important for the 2024 presidential election. Unlike many states, the governor of Pennsylvania appoints a “secretary of state”. It is the Chief Electoral Officer of the State, who oversees and organizes the elections. That the Republic In fact it is a vague thing for Democrats to campaign with Mastriano. On the one hand, it shows that, in their view, November is about defending democracy. On the other hand, many Democrats think they have a better chance against hardcore Trumpists.