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Erling Haaland scores twice again!  Manchester City beat Sevilla at the start of the Champions League

Erling Haaland scores twice again! Manchester City beat Sevilla at the start of the Champions League

When Manchester City played in Seville, a one-sided game developed from the start. The citizens let the ball spin loosely in their ranks and put Seville in place.

The Spaniards’ run in the second minute was the only one for a long time: Alejandro Gomes sent Jesus Navas to the right of the penalty area, who advanced far and who in turn crossed into the penalty spot. But Joao Cancelo and debutante Akanji were there. As a result, City’s dominance began to come under too much pressure, but Jack Grealish only made his first real shot in the 13th minute.

Chances followed for Haaland (15) and De Bruyne (19), before what came in the 20th minute: Haaland scored the first goal that played beautifully. Foden sent De Bruyne towards the baseline on the right edge of the penalty area, who briefly raised his head and crossed halfway in front of the goal, as Haaland slashed and pushed the ball with his long foot.

Manchester City gained more and more control, and sometimes all the players on the field were ten meters behind the midfield in the opponent half. City pressed for more goals, and De Bruyne (30′, 43′) and Haaland (34′, 38′) could have increased the score before the break.

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At the end of the first half, Seville coach Julen Lopetegui made two changes, bringing in Rafa Mir and Joan Jordan in place of Ivan Rakitic and Thomas Delaney. The changes initially had an effect. Seville managed to get 16 opponents for the first time through Mir, but they could not finish (48).

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It was only successful again in the 54th minute with Jesus Navas, whose performance Ederson did not cause any problems in the Citizens goal. At this somewhat braver stage, the Spaniards met Seti again. If he starts the first goal, Foden turns himself to make it 2-0 – and how! After a dance with Nemanja Gudelj in the middle of the penalty area, the ball fell low in the right corner (58′).

City made it 3-0 after just nine minutes. Foden’s skewed shot became typical of Haaland, who stood perfectly and just had to dust off (67th place). Citi was then free to act as he pleased, but missed more notable scoring opportunities.

The match was stopped in the last minutes, but City added 4-0 in the second minute of stoppage time through Robin Dias.

Game sounds:

Pep Guardiola (Manchester City coach): “Manuel Akanji hat anderthalb Tage mit uns trainiert, aber direkt gezeigt, welche Erfahrung er in Dortmund gesammelt hat und was für einen guten Innenverteidiger wir geholt haben. Very well.”

Julen Lopetegui (Seville coach): “These teams do not forgive mistakes and this happened to us again.”

Alejandro Gomez (Sevilla): “Sometimes we were able to give them a hard time. We had to defend well but unfortunately they scored against us in our best moments. We are very weak in defense. It is times of change that new players have to adapt to. It hurts all of us to lose but we have to. To keep our heads held high and think positively.”

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Alex Telles (Sevilla): “We have to work on our mentality and our head and believe in ourselves because we have a very good team and a good coach. We can do more so I say we have to change our attitude.”

Tweet about the game:

It was noticeable: the mood of the crowd changed

The sudden change in the mood of the Seville fans after 4-0. Until the 82nd minute, they encouraged their team and supported them with songs. After Dias hit, I heard loud whistles. After the final whistle, there were also a few mocking applause.

Number: 25 by 20

Erling Haaland scored 25 goals in his first 20 Champions League matches – no one before him has managed to do so. He is also the youngest player to score 25 goals in the first division, surpassing Kylian Mbappe at 22 years and 47 days.

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