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Erlkönig BMW R1300 GS: this is how the next generation / products will be

Erlkönig BMW R1300 GS: this is how the next generation / products will be

BMW is developing the next generation of the GS. Pictures of the prototype show a radically revised engine in the all-new Telelever chassis. We anticipate the show at the end of 2022.

For most of its 40-year history, the BMW “GS” has been one of the best selling motorcycles in the world, and in the latest generation of its current generation, it is also considered one of the best motorcycles. When the current generation was introduced in the fall of 2012, the fresh air-cooled Boxer engine was replaced; Its water-cooled variant was updated in fall 2018 with Shift-Cam variable valve control. The next evolutionary phase will follow by the 2023 season at the latest: the R1300 GS.

The prototype captured by our photographer during the first off-road tests appears at an early stage and is also heavily camouflaged, but already detailed conclusions can be drawn from what you can actually see and what can’t be seen in Bavaria’s most important model.

For example, the cylinder heads are covered with a cloth cap, which indicates a further detailed development of the Shift-Cam valve control. The slightly changed track manifold and the starting point of the manifold, which is now much closer to the engine block, are not covered and are clearly recognizable. However, the engine block itself appears to have been adopted essentially unchanged from the current model.

The goal of these measures should initially not be to increase peak performance (although more horsepower can be expected), but rather, to further improve the torque curve. The Euro5b standard is likely to be another major driver of development, which will come into force in 2024 and will result in reduced noise emissions. For this reason, the exhaust lane has been completely redesigned on the new GS, including a larger manifold and a new, more compact rear muffler.

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Significantly more power and torque can only be expected later, in the form of two other new GS models: the M1300 GS, aimed at savvy off-road customers, like the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R it currently makes, and the R1400 GS, Which will most likely replace the current R1250 GS Adventure in the model range.

A new frame and swingarm were installed on all three versions of the GS model. This frame is still camouflaged with the help of a plastic cover on the pictured prototype, but its trajectory is easily understood at some corner points. However, the rear bezel on the prototype has so far been only a placeholder that should have little to do with the later production model.

All together, this will result in significant weight savings to make the R1300 GS fit for the future. In this future, vehicle electronics will continue to gain importance, which is why the next generation GS will be upgraded in this regard as well. A 10.25-inch TFT screen is expected from the current RT as standard, along with its add-ons.

A radar-based cruise control system will also be available and the prototype we photographed indicates that, similar to the Ducati Multistrada V4, it will also monitor traffic behind in order to warn of potential dangers in a blind spot.

Only LED technology will be installed in the lighting system, corner lighting will also be available as with the current R1250 RT. Outwardly, however, there is another striking change in lighting: it seems that the asymmetric headlight system of the last generations of models will be a thing of the past, at least a look at the headlight of this prototype suggests this conclusion.

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With these developments, taken as a whole, far-reaching and the expansion of the GS model range with two new models, BMW is expanding its most significant model of the future. This should ensure that the new GS will remain the standard in its class in the next generation of models and therefore one of the most important motorcycles in the world.