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Erwin Worm: “There are very few good ideas”

Erwin Worm: “There are very few good ideas”

“The interview is on Saturday”

Erwin Wurm is one of the most successful artists in Austria. His first autobiography was published on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. In an interview with he talked about his successes: “One good idea in an artist's career is very few.”

His works include physical sculptures, actions, videos, photographs, drawings and books. The artist became world famous with “One Minute Sculptures”, which was the basis for one of Red Hot Chili Peppers' most famous music videos for the song “Can't Stop”.

Wurm said in an interview with ORF-NÖ's editor-in-chief, Benedikt Fuchs, that he always wanted to move away from the traditional craft: “That's why I became interested in showing my work in public spaces early on. The current space is also the media.”

Despite the great success he has achieved around the world so far, Worm is not satisfied yet: “One good idea in an artist's career is one too few, you have to constantly reinvent yourself and that's what I do every day.” This is especially true at the beginning of an artist's career. “Of course there is a lot of struggle and a lot of stress,” you have “hundreds of artists as competitors and you want to assert yourself and make it big.”

Limburg Castle as an artistic venue

When asked about his connection to Lower Austria – his grandparents were from Wezelburg (Schips region) – Wurm still feels a “longing” for Lower Austria to this day: “Back when I was a boy, when I watched TV, all the artists were always connected to Lower Austria. ” Editor-in-Chief Benedikt Fuchs interviewed Erwin Wurm at Lemberg Castle in the Hollabrunn district, where the artist's works and production facility are located. He sometimes lives there when he is not with his family in Vienna, the artist reveals in an interview.

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