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ESC 2024: Isaac represents Germany in Malmö

ESC 2024: Isaac represents Germany in Malmö

As of: February 28, 2024 at 9:15 AM

From the casting formats of “X Factor” and “Show your Talent” to ESC 2024 in Malmö: Isaac has fulfilled his latest dream. In “Always On The Run,” the 28-year-old sings about the contradictions in life.

Light and shadow, joy and sadness, self-doubt and self-confidence: these opposites are what Isaak's song is about, with which he won the preliminary round “Eurovision Song Contest – Final Germany 2024”. On “Always On The Run” he reflects on these contradictions and turns them into music. The combination of powerful vocals and quiet moments highlights Isaac's contradictory world of thoughts.

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Isaac won by preliminary decision. With the song “Always On The Run” he will represent Germany at ESC 2024 in Malmö in May. more

“Music is the only refuge through which I can be who I am. Everything is allowed here. There are no drawers, no order, no arrangement. Pure emotions, a playground not only for children. Everyone can understand it – whether it is in his language or not.” ”

Isaac “started out without expectations.”

“Let's see how far it goes!”, Isaac posted on his Instagram account in January. A month later it became clear – the 28-year-old flies to Malmo for Germany. After his win in the German preliminary round, the singer still looks a bit in disbelief – he started without any expectations. This is probably the right attitude to sing great without pressure. The 28-year-old previously said that he hid all analysis and all online speculation beforehand. And it pays off for him: Isaac leaves formerly traded favorite Rick and He was succeeded by Max Mutski – a unanimous winner of the jury and the audience.

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“I want to give 100 percent and strive to get first place.”

Isaac wins the preliminary round of the ESC Championship and travels to Malmo, Germany.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Tiemann

Issac wants to stay true to himself at ESC in Malmö – and would rather show up in a hoodie than a sequined suit.

Now the man from East Westphalia travels to Malmö with his life's motto: “First in, then see”: “I'm at full speed at the start, pushed from the tips of my toes to the top of my hair.” He wants to give 100% of his effort and aims to get first place. But he wants to stay completely with himself. If he himself is enthusiastic, he will inspire others as well. But Isaac also clarifies: “I don't dance.” He is open to criticism, which he considers food for thought. The 28-year-old, who has a strong, raspy voice, appears humble and authentic ahead of the final on May 11.

Isaac “the man with the microphone” will remain there, and his appearance will be accompanied by lighting effects and fireworks. But: Isaac doesn't like sequins. He wants to wear an outfit that he feels comfortable in and that reflects his personality.

Casting formats as a stepping stone into the music business

Isaac Guderian was already playing street music while in school and appeared to the general public for the first time in 2011 on the casting show “X Factor.” At the age of eighteen, he started his own work as a singer and sang at festivals and events. In 2021, he won the digital talent show “Show Your Talent”. Isaac has now built a large audience. His vocal repertoire ranges from sad ballads to powerful arrangements. Participation in the ESC final will certainly be a springboard for Issac's career.

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Preferably with my wife and children to Malmö

The father of two wants to take his entire family with him to Sweden. Their names could be a good omen for Malmö: Isaac's wife's name is Lorraine, so Swedish winner from last year. Isaac, his biblical name, means something like “God laughs.” In the end, the 28-year-old may have the last laugh — and the best laugh.

But before that, the lyrics of “Always On The Run” needed a little tweaking. More specifically, this line: “Nobody cares what's coming soon.” According to the ESC rules, “shit” can be one of the terms that “could bring the competition into general disrepute.” [….]. Songs must be officially registered with the European Broadcasting Union by March 11. However, text editing should be possible by then.

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28-year-old singer Isaac.  © NDR/Valentin Ammon Photo: Valentin Ammon

The 28-year-old's song is about opposites in life: light and shadow, joy and sadness, self-doubt and self-confidence. more

Isaac wins the preliminary round of the ESC Championship and travels to Malmo, Germany.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Tiemann

2 minutes

The winner of the preliminary round of the German ESC in 2024 is named Isaac! Immediately after the presentation he answered questions from Andre Schönke. 2 minutes

Isaac ©

6 minutes

“Always On The Run” – But Isaac doesn't run away from the ESC job interview. 6 minutes

All participants of the preliminary round of the German ESC Championship 2024. © NDR Photography: Claudia Tiemann

Barbara Schoenberger welcomed nine acts to the stage in Berlin. In the end, one of the candidates received an entry ticket to the ESC in Malmö. more

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