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Film shoot in Vienna: Natalie Portman can be seen here

Film shoot in Vienna: Natalie Portman can be seen here

Actress and Academy Award winner Natalie Portman is in Vienna. Her new movie, “Fountain of Youth,” will be filmed here, in which she will appear alongside John Krasinski. Filming takes place in these locations.

Following stars like Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, Kate Winslet and Russell Crowe are now too Academy Award winner Natalie Portman in Vienna.

Directed by Star director and former Madonna Guy Ritchie Portman will star alongside her colleague John Krasinski in the adventure film “Fountain of youth“It can be seen. This is also being filmed in other places Vienna instead of.

Portman has been in Vienna since Monday

According to media reports, Portman, director Ritchie, and the film crew, which is said to consist of 400 people, arrived in Vienna on Monday.

Photography is done around Schwarzenbergplatzthe Schillerplatz And the National Library.

In “The Fountain of Youth,” Portman and Krasinski play two estranged brothers who together embark on an exciting, adventurous, mysterious and dangerous journey: they want to find the source of youth. In order to find them, they must use their knowledge of history and follow clues.

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