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Escape or Surrender – “But please, not here!” From Witwer – The Gap

On the second album, “Hard”, the Viennese folk formation Witwer offers solutions to the humility of the present.

© Mateus Haddamek

I don’t know if we believe the same lips, but my slang says: Second album, always hard. The first time you have a lifetime, the second should happen quickly. Although slang is always less intelligent than it pretends. Two years of work and rehearsals Widower On the successor of their demarcation, which was called “Fluss” in the 18s. And – here we agree, wise or wise – in recent years there has been a lot that hasn’t exactly been good English. Where it should say, you have to light the pitchfork when you climb the barricades. And so do the Five Men of Vienna, who wrote their second work “But Please Not Here!”­Citizens­straight ahead­Ask: “Oh, if you’re dancing, then please not here,” as stated in the first “Harvest” piece. Anyway, all nine pieces are combat­Announcing life here and now in all its humility.

two treatments

widower, solve­Directed like her late­capital is­Tic demands from his subjects they have two patents­Recipes in stock. First, the journey that turned into a vast space­has been erased. I say the nicknames, you say, that’s right: “voyage”, “ship”, “albatross”, ciao, papa. Second, surrender. raise your hand. The best example of this is the Great Strike “pigeon”which tells about the life (survival) of middle-aged people in the big city, trapped between fears­lack of bread work and utopian dreams; Everything is gray, gray, gray.

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But of course, not only gravediggers­mood. Time and time again, eyes also turn to lonely hope­prompt flash. And music also cares about this of course because: Every millimeter of the accordion sits there, every chord­hug, each syllable; But above all: the ability to dance long distances, there is little or no income. Speech­twist tongues­The breaker: a vibrator for widows. Sure, in some places there’s a bit more fast meandering rather than Viennese pop, the exceptions confirm the rule again. Or vice versa: albums like Aber bitte nicht hier usually talk about an exception­Appearing at your local pop circus.

Widowed “But please not here!”

Album “But Please Not Here!” From Witwer on a lovable poster Strezico Back.

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