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Film screening - Lower Austria Premiere of "Märzengrund" at Waidhofner Schlosshof

Film screening – Lower Austria Premiere of “Märzengrund” at Waidhofner Schlosshof

On Tuesday last week, more than 300 visitors gathered at the Schloss Rothschild square in Waidhofen for the Lower Austrian screening of the Austrian film “Märzengrund” at the invitation of the Filmzuckerl Association.

Salzburg-based director Adrian Guijinger, who first made a name for himself in 2017 with his first feature film, The award-winning Best of All in the World, tells the true story of a young man, based on a play by Felix Mitterer, who finds he Himself in Tyrol in the late sixties. Years freed from the constraints of rural society and chose a radical life in harmony with nature.

Director Goiginger traveled to Waidhofen for the screening of the film in order to then talk to the audience about working on “Märzengrund” in conversation with film candy head Andreas Kossel. He explained how he got in touch with the material, what he immediately appealed to about it and how the site search in Zillertal went. Guinger also talked about shooting at 2,500 meters above sea level, which took place in all four seasons, collaborating with Mitterer, who helped write the script, and working with his huge group of actors, led by young talent Jacob Mader. Johannes Kreich and Verena Altenburger. Moreover, the Salzburg director gave an overview of his new film “The Fox”, which is scheduled to be shown in cinemas next year.