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Escape routes in Afghanistan: Nihmer criticizes the EU commissioner - Politics

Escape routes in Afghanistan: Nihmer criticizes the EU commissioner – Politics

Karl Nehamer would like a “clarification” from the EU Home Affairs Commissioner.

Karl Nehamer (ÖVP) would like to see a “clarification” from EU Internal Commissioner Ylva Johansson. The Minister of the Interior said, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior: “The statement of the EU Commissioner of the Interior on legal escape routes is a completely wrong signal. I have assumed that the EU Commission has learned from 2015 and no longer wants to make such mistakes.” The APA was sent on Thursday.

Johansson had lobbied for legal escape routes from Afghanistan.

He expected “immediate clarifications and the certainty that the committee also represents the opinion of the member states,” stressed Nahamer. Because at the EU Interior Ministers meeting on Wednesday it was “very clear” that 2015 must not be allowed to happen again, and that’s why we have to be clear in the message that we as a community of European countries are sending that we are protecting and we want to help locally in the region and that’s a top priority “.

Johansson: Working on legal escape routes from Afghanistan

Johansson had urged the establishment of legal and safe escape routes from Afghanistan to Europe. “It is clear that the situation in Afghanistan is not safe and will not be for some time,” she said at the ministerial meeting, according to a statement released on Wednesday. She also stressed the importance of continuing to support other countries – especially those in the Afghan neighborhood – in receiving refugees. According to Johanssons, 80% of those forced to flee are women and children.

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Positive reaction to Johansson’s statement on Afghanistan

The Green Party’s European spokesman, Michel Raymond, welcomed Johansson’s statement that legal and safe escape routes are urgently needed for people in Afghanistan who are particularly threatened by the Taliban. “2015 should not be repeated, Europe should not be poorly prepared for a potential refugee movement like governments at that time, and should deal with it professionally,” Raymond said on a radio programme. He insists on “a coordinated European solution to our dealings with Afghanistan.”