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EU Commission advances 2040 climate target – Climate –

EU Commission advances 2040 climate target – Climate –

The EU Commission wants to present a new plan to combat the climate crisis

The European Commission will present its 2040 climate target to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday. According to drafts available to the APA, it is likely to propose cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent by 2040. This will close the gap between climate targets for 2030 (minus 55 percent) and 2050 (net zero emissions). In order to achieve the target by 2040, further climate protection measures will likely be necessary.

Additional efforts will be necessary, especially from Austria. If the 27 EU countries implement their previously planned and announced climate measures, EU greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by only about 60 percent by 2040. Germany would even achieve an 80 percent reduction. Austria, on the other hand, is at the lower end of the scale with a decline of 15 percent compared to 1990.

The actual target for EU countries is “climate neutrality” in 2050. By then, emissions from the 27 member states will either fall to zero or be offset by other measures, for example through reforestation programs or through… Technical storage of carbon dioxide.

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