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Severe storms killed at least three people in California

Severe storms killed at least three people in California

Heavy rains and strong winds fell on parts of the state US state of California It was paralyzed and cost many people their lives. Authorities have reported so far Three killed in the stormAs US media constantly reported on Monday (local time).

near Sacramento A man was struck by a falling tree in his yard and later died from his injuries, the Sacramento County Coroner's Office said Monday.

In the other two cases, two people were fatally injured by falling trees in Northern California, US Radio reported, among other cases. CNN. Therefore the deaths occurred on Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in California are without electricity

The storm, which initially struck the greater San Francisco area, moved south on Monday and reached Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Heavy rains caused mudslides, flooded streets and cut off electricity supplies.

According to the PowerOutage website, hundreds of thousands of homes were temporarily without electricity. The National Weather Service warned of wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour.

the California Governor Gavin NewsomHe had already warned of a “severe storm with serious and potentially life-threatening effects” on Sunday and declared a state of emergency in several areas.

The reason for heavy rainfall is one An atmospheric phenomenon called an “atmospheric river”. According to the German Meteorological Agency, this refers to a “relatively narrow wave band of moisture-saturated air” about 500 kilometers wide and about 2,000 kilometers or more long.

Such systems transport a lot of water vapor out of the tropics. Because the humid air masses that hit California come mostly from tropical ocean areas in the Pacific region around Hawaii, they will do so “Pineapple Express” Named.

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