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Eugenie and Beatrice: Is there no future in the British royal family?

Eugenie and Beatrice: Is there no future in the British royal family?

There were also calls to relinquish the title of Duke of York. More recently, York City’s culture commissioner announced in the Guardian that they want to strip Andrew of his honorary citizenship. A return as a public face in the royal family’s inner circle is almost impossible. There is currently speculation as to whether Andrew will be allowed to attend his father Prince Philip’s memorial service at the end of March.

Also on the big platinum anniversary of his mother Queen Elizabeth II It is said that Andrew does not play a public role. Concern that scandal would overshadow the 70th anniversary was great before.

Is Eugenie and Beatrice’s future closed, too?

But it is not only Prince Andrew who is disappearing from the royal floor. Royal expert and biographer Duncan Larcombe Presumably the daughters of Andrews Eugenie And the Beatrice Perhaps they are moving away from the royal family after her father settled out of court.

“We’re in uncharted waters here because their lives are likely to be very different,” Larcombe told the magazine. Yes!.

The nobility expert said: “Events at which they were always expected to attend because they would join their father–such as the Easter Service at Windsor Castle or Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey–we shall see less because their father has been relieved of his royal duties.” “But that might suit you well, so why do we suppose you want anything to do with the machinations of the royal family?”

“They are both happily married and have children,” said the nobility expert, who assumed that the Princesses of York would essentially want to devote themselves to their own lives in the future. “I can’t imagine it only heightening their enthusiasm to expose themselves as a family and to expose themselves and their children to all the terrible things that could go wrong.”

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In any case, York’s role is not easy due to the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew. “Being a king is great when flags are flying towards you, but when you are being pelted with eggs, it is not a good situation,” Larcombe noted.