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European Football Championship: The record tournament presents a great opportunity

European Football Championship: The record tournament presents a great opportunity

“If not now, when?” asked the 54-year-old urgently ahead of the losing final against England. “In the end, we will only win if we can end everything that is happening now – no matter where – with sustainability.” “There must be something left,” Vos-Tecklenburg demanded. Her teammate agreed that Austrian team manager Irene Fuhrmann. “Football is getting faster and more sporty. This has to do with the increase in professionalism. There is still more to do,” said the Vienna player, whose team reached the quarter-finals.

In terms of sports, it looks like the next step has been taken. “From a football point of view, this tournament was quite compelling. ORF expert Nadine Prohaska said the dedication and cheerfulness also inspired the many spectators, who should be involved in the leagues in order to further develop women’s football.” Her teammate Sargon Duran is sure: “Women’s football is at the next level. This euphoria must not fade again.” As early as September 3, when European champions England visit Austria, the first measurable trend in this country will be whether this The final round will leave its mark.

Talk: That was the 2022 European Football Championship

ORF sports presenter Alina Zellhofer is a guest on “Studio 2” for a review of the recent European Football Championship. England were crowned European champions in the match against Germany on Sunday.

Athletic and convincing in the stands

But it is already clear that 2022 will be a record year for women’s football. In the spring of the UEFA Champions League, 91,658 fans came to the Camp Nou for the duel between FC Barcelona and VfL Wolfsburg and set a new attendance record in women’s football, as the finals of the European Championships took place in the motherland of football.

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REUTERS/Peter Chibura

Chloe Kelly scored England’s 22nd goal in the final, which is also a new tournament record

What started with the opening match between England and Austria (1-0) at the legendary Old Trafford near Manchester in front of 68,871 fans ended with 87,192 in the final between England and Germany (2-1 afterwards) at the legendary Wembley Stadium. . In the end, 574,875 people reached the stadiums, more than double the previous record from EM 2017 (240,055) in the Netherlands.

There were also a number of sporting records to report, including the most for England in the final tournament with 22 goals. This was due to the unexpected 8-0 win over Norway, which also caused a stir in the media. Reports also reached a new level, whether in England, Germany or Austria, players from various covers laughed, and it was the topic of the day.

Also appearing in social networks

Social networks have also helped a lot this year. “I think we have seen a European social media tournament with huge click rates. This means that you have a certain level of awareness,” said Guti Chatzialexio, president of the German Football Association (DFB) national teams. Above all, the Austrians and Germans knew how to use These platforms with their jubilee songs and share their joy with the fans.

“This tournament has done so much for women’s football, but also for society and for women in England, but I think also in Europe and around the world,” said Sarina Wiegmann, who is now on the throne after the Netherlands. All of their previous twelve matches in the European Championship. Vos-Tecklenburg also made such an impression on its German team, that on Monday thousands celebrated second place at the European Championships in Frankfurt.

England as a role model for Germany and its partners.

Traditionally, one would hope to take this momentum with them, but this hope is not new. After each of his many titles – eight at the European Championships, 2003 and 2007 at the World Cup and an Olympic gold in 2016 – this was what the German Federation and the League had been hoping for. Even after the World Cup at home in 2011, the effect of that faded away. The attendance record has been 12,464 since 2014, when today’s captain Alexandra Pope was crowned German champion in Wolfsburg against Frankfurt.

Now you can immediately see what England has achieved, and that can also have an impact in Germany. Criticism spread regarding the current situation, because England fell behind in terms of professionalism. Two top men’s teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, set the tone in the league, while Manchester City, United and Tottenham are now playing well up front.

ÖFB goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger confirmed: “Arsenal against Chelsea, this has a name, and also a power on TV.” “England is definitely a leader, with a lot happening in such a short time. The league has been professionalised, there are attractive opponents, stadiums, infrastructure and money also play a crucial role,” said its captain Victoria Schneanderbeck, who was recently contracted to Tottenham. “Now we need clear strategies and implementation. We have to promote talent more, go to the big stadiums and make a basic salary in the Bundesliga,” Voss-Tecklenburg demanded.

European champions England made a guest appearance at Wiener Neustadt

In Austria, on the other hand, one is far from such dimensions, especially since a draft horse like Red Bull Salzburg clearly does not see any potential. With LASK and GAK, two other calibers launched women’s divisions a year ago, and after years of hesitation, Rapid also decided to start with a women’s team in two years. That’s how you will.

But even the two ÖFB champions at the European Championships are fighting for the good of the fans. Since 2012, 3,600 spectators have been registered for a home match. It will remain so, even if the European champion appears as a guest at Wiener Neustadt. Because other than that only about 1400 come to the ÖFB women’s home yard, you don’t even evade in a big yard. The association hopes to have at least 3,000 people full. If that is the case, it will at least be the first positive trend after the record championships.