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European Games: The judo team sets its sights on a medal

European Games: The judo team sets its sights on a medal

European games

Judokas are the last to enter the third European Games in Poland and complete their competitions in just one day. Austria is fighting for a team European Championship medal in Krynica-Zdroj, about a two-hour drive southwest of Krakow. Michaela Bouleris (up to 70kg class) and Aaron Varra (this time +90kg) lead the Austrian team, but they mainly have their individual ambitions in mind.

These are already targeting the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Since Polleres can already plan for the Summer Games, the silver medalist from Tokyo 2021 recently made a decisive contribution, especially with the bronze of the World Cup in Doha. The 25-year-old from Lower Austria could lower her competition schedule a bit. “It’s not every week in competition. But now we’re making sure I’ll be in better shape (at the Olympics, note).” Specifically, it’s more about maintaining your third-ranked position in order to be the top seed in pool games.

The respondents already know the Olympic Hall. Around the Paris Grand Slam tournament, she was one of the assets chosen in February to inspect the 8,356 spectators Champ de Mars Arena. “The hall is right in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a wonderful view,” said the athlete excitedly. Gladiators will also fight there. After the event, the arena will be dismantled for use elsewhere.

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Shamil Borashvili wants to take advantage of his good performance at the European Games

The ÖJV hopes to secure another Olympic spot

Four active players from the Austrian Confederation (ÖJV) will currently be eligible for matches with Polleres, Lubjana Piovesana (-63kg), Shamil Borashvili (-81) and Vara (-100). It will not be enough to start mixed Olympic competition, as six active people are required. But if a fifth place is added, Red-White-Red could be hoping for an extra place. Then not only will the team competition be fixed, but the qualification achieved via this track will also qualify you to compete in the individual competition in question.

Behind Polleris and Olympic bronze medalist Burchashvili (seventh), Vara is currently the third-best Austrian in his association with 16th in the Olympic rankings. At the European Games, he goes to the open row and sees an advantage against chops of up to 140 kg: “I’m faster. And 100 (up to 100 kg, nb) harder than Plusers (+100 kg, nb). We trained harder and do judo Harder – a lot of people can’t handle that.” The next feature for him and Polleres is the Masters in Budapest in early August, which is only open to the elite.

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