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Celebration of the Kuwait Football Club Championship for juniors

Celebration of the Kuwait Football Club Championship for juniors

The KAC 1909 II players were guests at a town hall reception on Friday. Mayor Christian Scheder honored the achievements of the players and stewards who won the title in Division Two D this year and thus progressed to Division One with certificates.

The time has just come: after ten years in the second division, the KAC Juniors players have been crowned Division Two D thus securing promotion to the first division. In addition to the kickers’ great athletic performances, the main part of the success was mainly due to coach Christian Brauda. The former Bundesliga professional tried his hand at coaching for the first time and then promptly won the title with KAC 1909 II. Mayor Christian Scheider invited the team and supervisors to a town hall reception on Friday to congratulate them on the championship title and promotion.

“We are proud of the many successes of Klagenfurt clubs, which ensure a positive reputation for our city beyond its borders. I would like to congratulate the KAC Juniors players and coaches on the title and am already looking forward to exciting matches in the top division at the KAC sports ground in Magazingasse.”

Mayor Christian Cheddar

Klagenfurter AC was founded in 1909 as the first football club in Carinthia with the full name I. Football and Athletic Sports Club Klagenfurt. The first official competition took place against Styrian club Knittelfelder AC. In 2008, the club’s policy was completely reorganized with an eye on its offspring. KAC Juniors was founded as a player development platform.