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Five million fans: Chaos in Buenos Aires: Show cancelled, World Cup stars turn to helicopters

Five million fans: Chaos in Buenos Aires: Show cancelled, World Cup stars turn to helicopters

State of emergency in Buenos Aires: According to the police in the Argentine capital, about five million fans of the world football champions celebrated around the superstar Lionel Messi. The parade was canceled in an open-top bus in the face of the huge afternoon crowds, and the world champions turned into helicopters and climbed over the crowds waiting in the city centre.

President Alberto Fernandez ordered a national holiday for Tuesday so the country could celebrate the historic victory. The national team first traveled to the capital in an open-top bus from the AFA grounds outside the gates of Buenos Aires. After the bus had made barely any progress for several hours, the players left the vehicle at a sports facility and boarded two water police helicopters. Millions of people cheered for the players in the helicopters.

The association’s president, Claudio Tapia, raised allegations against the security authorities. And he wrote on Twitter, “They did not allow us to greet everyone in the obelisk, and the same security forces that accompanied us did not allow us to move forward. A thousand apologies on behalf of all professional players. Shame.”

Before that, chaotic scenes occurred in the Argentine capital. Fans flocked to the city’s bridges and highway, many climbing traffic lights and traffic lights. At around 30 degrees, fans waited hours in the blazing sun for the national team to arrive. Subway service stopped. Argentine Airlines has warned of problems with flight delays due to traffic chaos. Mobile networks have also been overloaded at times.

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On the bus, Messi sat on a raised platform with four teammates, sipping from a glass in the bright sunshine and waving to cheering fans. The World Cup Gold Cup was also presented. The six-time world footballer posted a video with scenes from his career on Instagram. “It’s been almost three decades in which the ball has brought so much joy as well as some sadness. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a world champion and never wanted to stop trying, even though I knew it would never happen,” he wrote.

Earlier, Messi kept his fans updated with pictures on social media. Arriving in Buenos Aires at night and overtaking thousands of fans, the Argentine star took a short break. And the newly crowned football world champion was not alone in bed – next to him was the Golden World Cup. The 35-year-old posted three photos on Instagram, the first of which is “sleeping” in bed with his left hand on the cup, in the second he is smiling at the camera with the cup and in the third photo he is holding a cup. and co-see cup. Messi commented on the photos, which won more than 28 million likes, just three hours after they were published, “Good morning!”

In addition, Messi made a milestone on Instagram. The 35-year-old posted photos showing himself cheering at the World Cup after winning the final against France on Sunday, garnering more than 56.2 million likes on the social network by Tuesday morning, and the trend was building. With this, Messi overtook the post from the “world_record_egg” account, which was previously considered the most liked Instagram post. A photo of an egg was posted on January 4, 2019 with the aim of setting a world record. As of Tuesday afternoon, it has more than 64.7 million likes.

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After landing at Ezeiza Airport on Tuesday evening, the Argentine team, which had been on the road for more than 20 hours, boarded the bus for the first time to the Argentine Federation. There, too, thousands of fans were already cheering for their idols. After a short night, Macy and company had breakfast before the show began.