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European Union – Energy consumption is set to decrease by 11.7 percent by 2030

European Union – Energy consumption is set to decrease by 11.7 percent by 2030

The European Union must use at least 11.7 percent less energy by 2030. Negotiators from the European Parliament and EU countries agreed on this Friday morning in Brussels. Accordingly, each EU country must contribute to its savings targets. National contributions are calculated using a specific formula. Thus, the reference value is a forecast from 2020. However, individual countries can deviate from that by up to 2.5 percent.

“This means a maximum final energy consumption in the European Union of 763 million tons of oil equivalent and 993 million tons of oil equivalent for primary consumption,” she added. The consumption limit for final consumption should be binding on Member States, while the primary consumption target is a guideline value.

“If you slow down, you get homework.”

Parliament’s chief negotiator, Nils Volsang, spoke of “real change in favor of the climate and at Putin’s expense.” In order for the new requirements to enter into force, the parliament and the countries of the European Union must once again officially confirm them. The Committee of Permanent Representatives in the Council and the Committee responsible for Energy in the Parliament of the European Union are required to do so.

If the combined national contributions are not enough, the EU Commission can ask individual countries to do more. “Those who are late with their homework,” said German deputy Jutta Paulus (Green Party), who negotiated for the parliament. According to her, Friday’s agreement will save all energy consumption in Spain. (apa, dpa)