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European Union interior ministers talk about the asylum agreement – North Korea writes…

European Union interior ministers talk about the asylum agreement – North Korea writes…

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EU Interior Ministers discuss the Asylum Convention The focus of the EU Council of Interior Ministers today is on the negotiations on the EU Charter on Asylum, Migration and Ukraine. The previous day, the German government abandoned its resistance to the crisis mechanism planned by the European Union in the field of asylum policy. More about this [premium]

Sad game from the European Union countries. A borderless Europe only exists on paper. Governments say the lifting of border barriers is due to the increasing numbers of refugees. It is said that European Union countries are isolating themselves for purely internal political reasons Anna Gabrielle in Morning shine. More about this

Volkswagen’s factories were at a standstill. Due to a serious IT malfunction, it was not possible to produce cars at some Volkswagen Group plants on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, the company announced that the problem had been resolved. More about this

North Korea writes nuclear weapons into its constitution. North Korea has enshrined its status as a nuclear weapons power in its constitution. “The policy of building nuclear weapons in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been enshrined as the basic law of the state, which no one can ignore,” leader Kim Jong Un said at a meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly. More about this

Excitement around Nehammer’s video. A video showing a speech given by ÖVP Chancellor Karl Nehammer to officials has caused an uproar online. In it, Nehammer criticizes, among other things, the fact that there are children in Austria who do not receive a warm meal. The consultant estimates that the cheapest warm meal in Austria is a hamburger at McDonald’s for €1.40. More about this

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Debate between Republican presidential candidates. Donald Trump, a four-time former president of the United States and the new front-runner in the Republican primary campaign, also stayed away from the second televised debate between the party’s internal opponents. The seven other Republicans on stage in California had a very chaotic debate, our reporter wrote Elizabeth Postel. More about this [premium]

Announcing the alternative Nobel Prizes. Before the traditional Nobel Prizes, the winners of the Right Livelihood Prizes will be announced today in Stockholm. This award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, honors people and organizations committed to peace, sustainability and a just world.

Impeachment hearing against Biden. The first hearing on the impeachment inquiry into US President Joe Biden, initiated by Republicans, will be held today in the US House of Representatives. Republicans accuse him of involvement in controversial foreign transactions related to his son, Hunter Biden. The success of the measure is considered impossible, because it requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate – which is controlled by Biden’s Democrats.

SPÖ’s bad luck streak. A bizarre election campaign strategy paper that Andreas Babler allegedly never asked for. The issue of allocating a park in the city of Vienna. How damaging have these recent scandals and turmoil been for the SPÖ? Analyze this on the day Podcast-consequence Klaus Knittelfelder And Elizabeth Hoover. More about this

100 years ago today The Neue Freie Presse was amazed at the high standard of living in America: even the workers there had cars and radios! More about this