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Eurovision Song Contest: Turin sings

Eurovision Song Contest: Turin sings

It has been 31 years since the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy was discontinued. At that time Rome, Turin this week was the center of European singing. The competition final will take place on Saturday, and the city has already caught Eurovision fever with the semi-finals underway.

Well attended Turin

Michela Favaro, Deputy Mayor of Turin, said: “We have already seen about 20,000 arrivals at the airport, but we will have to wait until the end of the event to get the total number of visitors. However, we know that it is impossible to find a hotel room or accommodation through Air B&B. That means the city is very crowded.”

Stores in downtown Turin are also hoping for strong sales. “Thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest, many are coming from abroad. We hope to go back to pre-pandemic numbers. Turin was a growing city, and we had millions upon millions of guests,” says a shopkeeper.

In Turin, euronews asked: What are people looking forward to?

“We love the concept and are very happy to be here,” says one of the women.

And a man says: “I am looking forward to the Albanian singer. I love the French contribution. And of course the Italians. They have a great song again this year.”

“I love the whole competition, the concept of love and peace,” said one of the women.

40 countries participate

Euronews Contributor Stefania de Michele said: “Here in the Olympia, one of Italy’s largest indoor arenas, which has hosted many international events including concerts by Madonna, Lady Gaga and Shakira, the Eurovision Challenge begins. : 40 countries competing in three evenings. All events are sold out.

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