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“Evening couple at home!”  – ÖFB is full of insults

“Evening couple at home!” – ÖFB is full of insults

“We'll spend a couple's evening at home,” Michael Gregorich laughs.

The ÖFB striker sits on the podium with Christoph Baumgartner at the ÖFB press conference. And here the insults start.

It has long been known that the two are best friends. LAOLA1 has already delved into the relationship between the two on and off the field >>>

What is bothering the other person?

When asked what they didn't like about the other guy, Baumgartner said: “The negative thing is that he sometimes plays on his cell phone. Best regards Maxi Wooper, he sees it the same way I see it.”

“I'm not entirely happy with the way he's playing 'Don't Be Disturbed,'” Gregoritsch responds.

Other than that, he loves Baomi: “I love listening to him because he has great opinions – when I'm not on my cell phone and ignoring him.”

Crochet of teammates

Things don't always go smoothly between the duo on the pitch either. “Existing points of friction can escalate for a short time, but then we can resolve them in a very charming way with a smile,” reveals Gregoritsch.

“Sometimes we have phases in training where we tickle each other, which releases energy,” Baumgartner adds. “The great thing is that we know the situation is resolved immediately after the training is over.”

Within the team, the close relationship between the two is likely to cause one or two problems among teammates. “I don't want to praise him, the boys on the team already say we're very, very good friends,” smiles Baumgartner.

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Rod Stewart refused – “If Dad finds out…”

Because the two seem to be almost inseparable, they decided together not to accept Ralf Rangnick's invitation to Rod Stewart's concert on Friday night.

“It's a really great match tonight (note: Croatia-Spain), we want to see that. Maybe we'll go to the sauna a little bit,” says Baumgartner.

Gregoritsch can't help laughing anymore, but then adds seriously: “The tension is so great that I'd rather get ready at home. It's a shame that the concert is at this time. If my father finds out that I'm not going to the concert, he'll call me certainly.”

So the couple's evening will be at the hotel. The mood before the start of the European Championship is correct.