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Wiener Neustadt – Rohrbach – 3:0!  Wiener Neustadt became the spring champion with a home victory

Wiener Neustadt – Rohrbach – 3:0! Wiener Neustadt became the spring champion with a home victory

Fortuna WR. Neustadt – Rohrbach 3:0. Unexpected things often happen: defending champion Gloggnitz lost 3-0 to Langenruhr. This means that Wiener Neustadt jumped to first place in the second half of the season in the latest edition. The bottom line is that the victory of the donor team was safe. The home team took the lead shortly before halftime. Marco Metz fired a free kick past Rohrbach captain Stefan Kranapeter.

The goalkeeper looked a bit unhappy in his last match for Gölsental and had to let the ball go to make it 1-0. Midway through the second half, Wiener Neustädter followed up with a brilliant succession of the ball. Nenad Vasilievich opened the attack. The ball went through all the chains before Christopher secured the ball at the top. The captain passed the ball back to Iray Mehmedali, who played all sides again and Maximilian Sachs had to press again.

This is the fifteenth goal this season for the former Austrian. The 31-year-old also won the indoor shooting title, ahead of Tverdi (14 goals). However, Fritz Berger provided Wiener Neustädter's last goal celebration of the season. The youngster dropped the ball from about 25 meters to make the final score 3-0. Wiener Neustadt finished the season with seven straight unbeaten matches (six wins, one draw).

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Wiener Neustadt coach Christoph Stifter: “Now we're even spring champions. It's a little generic, but we've improved from game to game.”


SC Fortuna Wiener Neustadt – SG Rohrbach/ST. Phyt 3:0 (1:0).

Target sequence: 1:0 (41st place, free kick) Metz, 2:0 (67th place) Sachs, 3:0 (84th place) Berger.

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Yellow cards: Binder (unsportsmanlike conduct no. 56), Eschberger (criticism no. 79), Sackard (foul no. 83); Olgun (32nd foul), Burr (83rd unsportsmanlike foul), Lofer (90th + 1st foul).

SC Fortuna Wiener Neustadt: Himmelmeier. Eichberger, Brandecker (70. Weidinger), Vasilievich; Ettlinger (70. Falcon), Berger, Binder, Fischer (32. Marlovics); Singularity, Metz (60th sax); Reinisch (60 Muhammad Ali).

S.G. Rohrbach/Saint Veit: Cranebeater; Grünister, Weyermayer (Z. Schilel), lovers, Olgun (69. Hadergjunag), Moser (83. Kehrer), Koeman, Tcherenko (83. Merkens), Bohr, Schaffhauser (83. Baumwalder), waiter.

600 spectators. Referee: Eric Karner.