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Ex-president’s tax returns: Trump’s documents to be released

Ex-president’s tax returns: Trump’s documents to be released

Status: 21.12.2022 03:10 am

Former US President Trump’s tax documents are to be released in part. The Democratic-controlled congressional committee voted to send the report and documents to the US House of Representatives.

A US House committee has voted to release six years of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns. The House Tax Policy Committee voted 24 to 16 to release Trump’s 2015-2020 tax returns.

Democratic MP Lloyd Doggett told US broadcaster CNN that the committee’s summary report would be sent to the House of Representatives with the tax bills. It may take a few days.

Controversy over the years over publication

For years, Trump has resisted using legal means to release documents to the committee. He finally was It failed in the Supreme Court.

Contrary to the usual practice in the United States, the real estate tycoon did not make his tax returns public either as a presidential candidate or after moving to the White House. This led to speculations that he was hiding something. Among other things, the Democrats wanted to verify whether the real estate entrepreneur’s documents disclosed conflicts of interest and whether he had used questionable methods to save taxes.

Trump’s tax records were reportedly turned over to the board in early December. Trump announced in November that he would run for the Republican presidential nomination again in 2024.

For Trump, it was the second blow this week. A panel investigating the Capitol attack recommended that the Justice Department pursue criminal charges against Trump and others involved. Trump has been threatened with criminal consequences for attacking the US capital on January 6, 2021.