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Shopping, Neon, Turkey and Santacon

Shopping, Neon, Turkey and Santacon

In America, the celebrations are louder and more colorful than in Switzerland. The shopping frenzy begins in early November, when people outdo each other in front of houses with inflatable, neon-lit decorations, and during the Advent season, thousands of drunken Santa Clauses stumble through city streets.

This year’s SantaCon moves to New York on December 10th.

John Angello / Imago

In the United States, the Christmas season begins in November. Generally, however, one does not speak of “Christmas” but of the “holiday season” to include non-Christian Americans. Halloween decorations in front of houses don’t erase more than inflatable Santa Clauses, reindeer, sleighs and lighted nativity scenes, SpongeBob, Olaf and the Smurfs also have their place. Even the Christmas tree is often set up in the living room a month before Christmas, sometimes there are several of them – one in each room. However, real candles are considered dangerous and their smoke often triggers fire alarms; So electricity is common. A popular Christmas tree decoration is popcorn tied on a string.

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