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Exchange: Interreg Europe has started its mobility workshop in Innsbruck

Exchange: Interreg Europe has started its mobility workshop in Innsbruck

New horizons for cross-border mobility: More than twenty experts from five European regions will speak about projects and future visions at a workshop in Innsbruck.

Innsbruck, Tyrol. Five European regions exchanged their views on cross-border mobility in Innsbruck this week. More than twenty experts spoke in one session A three day workshop from Interreg Europe Around Cross-border passenger transportation and how to improve it.
The workshop took place at the new Euregio Campus in Innsbruck. In addition to Europaregion Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino, representatives of four other Euregios attended: Euregio Senza Confini (Carinthia, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Euregio Maas-Rhein (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands), Euregio Egrensis (Germany-Czech Republic) ​The German-Polish Partnership on the Oder River.
Above all, those present wanted to learn from each other and compare the experiences of Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino with those of the other four Euregios. Also Tyrolean Mobility District Councilor Rene Zumtubeil Talk to the participants at the end of the three-day event about the results and specific project ideas.

Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino shows how it’s done

Exchange with other European territories supports the development of new concepts and To learn from the experiences of othersZumtobel is convinced.

“Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino has made significant progress for its approximately 1.8 million inhabitants in terms of cross-border mobility in the past 10 years,”

According to State Councilor Zumtobel. By this he means, among other things, connections without diversions on the Brenner River and in the Buster Valley or the family and student cross-border ticket. “My clear political goal is to further improve public mobility – also across borders – and to think outside national borders,” Zumtobel asserts. a look at Number of users of the day ticket “Euregio2Plus” It shows that the demand is definitely there: this was achieved within a year Bought more than 1800 times. Cross-border Euregio-Ticket students have been purchased more than 2,600 times in the past university year.

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Concrete projects under development

Cross-border mobility is not only on the agenda within Tyrolean Euregio. “In its role as co-leader of Action Group 4 Mobility, Euregio Tiro-Südtirol-Trentino is also heavily involved in the EUSALP European Alpine Space Strategy, thus pushing the issue outside of Euregio,” says LR Zumtobel. The workshop in Innsbruck was about overcoming Technical and legal obstacles On public transportation across borders. Results must also Concrete projects have already been worked on will. These, in turn, will be submitted to obtain funding for the new INTERREG program between Italy and Austria by 2027.
In any case, in the future there should be more continuous and direct train lines between Tyrol and South Tyrol, as well as between South Tyrol and Trentino.

Standard ticket issuance is required

Groundbreaking traffic and mobility concepts are for Further development in the Alpine regionZumtobel explains further. “In 2022, we would have had to register 2.5 million trucks and 11 million cars in Brenner alone. Reducing motorized private transport is, among other measures, an important component of mitigating the Brenner Pass – this requires passenger-friendly cross-border connections and standardized tickets” LR Zumtobel facilitated the exchange between Euregios.

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