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Selenskyj wants action against government misconduct

Selenskyj wants action against government misconduct

In the wake of the corruption scandals in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced more decisive action against misconduct in the state apparatus. “Society will receive all the information, and the state will take the necessary strong steps,” Zelensky said yesterday in his evening video message, which was distributed in Kyiv.

The deputy minister is said to have collected bribes

He informed, inter alia, that the detained Deputy Minister of Municipal and Territorial Development and Infrastructure Vasyl Lozinsky had been released.

According to the media, Losynskyj was said to have taken a bribe of US$400,000 (about €368,000) to buy generators to deal with the country’s energy crisis.

The reaction is also to exaggerated food purchases

With his video message, Zelensky also responded to media reports about the exaggerated purchase of food for soldiers. Prices are said to have been paid three times higher than retail prices. Here, too, the civil servants are said to have enriched themselves. According to official information, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov will be heard before parliament in Kyiv.

Corruption is a widespread problem in Ukraine, as it is in many countries of the former Soviet Union, which is why there are frequent fears that aid money from the West will leak into opaque channels. Many citizens believe that the country’s leadership enriches itself in the context of humanitarian aid through financial aid.

Other decisions have been announced

Zelensky announced decisions for the next week that have already been made but not yet published to continue fighting corruption and enrichment in office. “I am grateful to the journalists who dealt with the facts and made the whole picture,” he said of the revelations.

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Zelensky explained that the main focus is on defending the country in the fight against Russia. However, he is aware that these issues are also being discussed in society. You must work for justice.