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Excitement about Judith Lisa Bogoch in Starmania

Excitement about Judith Lisa Bogoch in Starmania

The jury found only superlatives. The 22-year-old from East Tyrol is now the last woman to take part in the competition.

A song by Herbert Grünemeyer, “Der Weg”, was carried by East Tyrolean band Judith Lisa Bogusch, who lives in Vienna, in a quarter-final duel at ORF casting Starmania. The young singer who celebrated her 22nd birthday on the day of the show, Interpret the touching songDedicated to his deceased wife Grunmeyer, he was so sensitive and present that the jury almost beat itself with praise: “Incredibly beautiful,” “Insanely well done,” “I am speechless, you are wonderful,” and “Your voice is incredible.” Matririne heard in reaction to her performance.

Unstoppable: Judith Lisa Bogoch was last six at Starmania 2022. Photo: ORF/Hans Leitner

Previously, Judith Lisa Bogoch had already coaxed into a duet with Valentina Toms, they translated “The Best” of Lena and Nico Santos together. In a direct duel in favor of the crowd, Toms then lost and East Tyrol was the only woman on the tour from the last six stars.

The organizers certainly did not plan it this way. But Nadia Enzko, one of the favorite participants, had pulled the choppy tape a few days before the show “for personal reasons and personal feelings.” Martin Fortliner, who was already eliminated, was brought back and actually made it one more round. Still in the race: Judith Lisa Bogoch, Stefan Aigner, Daniel Fink, Martin Fortliner, Sebastian Holzer and Lukas Meusberger.

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