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Excitement for young skiers in Kulm

Excitement for young skiers in Kulm


After a three-year break, Bad Mitterndorf is back on the scene for a ski weekend. On Friday there is a two-day qualifier of the competition. Today, the Vorspringer debuted in a big way.

It’s great, but humans are so small – Kulm’s ski jump. This is the largest flying hill in Austria, and the honor owed to the young ski jumpers who jumped on Thursday is correspondingly great.

“I have lived with the guys since I met them and there are a hundred among them. You actually jump a big hill, 140 meters high and 240 meters high, ”explains Ernst Wimmer, ÖSV Leaders Coach.

A milestone for young people

“I didn’t sleep well last night, but of course I’m very excited about flying on the snow. This is what every ski jumper would like to experience at least once in his life. And of course it makes you all happier,” said Lukas Schonberger, former jumper from Hart bei Graz. This event is also of great importance for Claudio Murth from Bad Mitterndorf: “We have been training since we were young and I think we have enough experience now. And we are preparing for the biggest hills that we have. For example, we were still in Bischofshofen this week. Francisco Murth added: “You get to jump in front of family and friends at home and that’s something very special for me, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Flying distance of more than 200 meters

You shouldn’t tease him, but you should definitely push the great Colm to the limit. The goal this year is to be as big as possible. “230 meters – the goal is to allow competitions to be defined in this area. And we’ll make sure that we handle it, that we can direct it that way,” explained race director Harald Haim.

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Access by train is not possible

A train trip does not work for the masses this time. Only next year at the World Championships will there be a special stop right in front of the ski jump. “Both sides, and we ÖBB, tried to get closer. We failed in the end because of costs and that’s what happens at the moment,” says Christoph Brüller, OC president. However, 20,000 spectators should come to Bad Mitterndorf again this time, Where long distances are searched.