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250 Euros per guest Nightrace for the region

250 Euros per guest Nightrace for the region

© Martin HuberThe slalom race alone has drawn about 40,000 people to Planai.

January makes everything new in schladming: because the 26th edition of night race The 24th (traditionally night slalom) and 25th (premiere with giant night slalom) brought their first double package under new leadership. After the departure of OC chairman Hans Grogl, Hansjörg Stocker took over. “I would like to thank all the partners and organizations involved and especially the many volunteers who contribute so much, in their spare time, to the success of these races with so much passion and enthusiasm. Without this perfect interaction, the organization of such major events would not be possible.” The global advertising influences (140 accredited media representatives, including ten TV stations) are enormous, only Slalom has brought more than 20 million euros in sales to the region in recent years. This time more than 50,000 visitors caused a rush to the area. “The value of Nightrace is really very high for our region,” says Matthias Schattletner, managing director of the Schladming-Dachstein Tourism Association.

Matthias Schettletner
© Christine Hofflener Matthias Schettletner

Addition: “In addition to sales directly related to the race, such as overnight stays and tickets, there is also a very high level of indirect profitability. In addition to tourism, many other sectors also benefit, after all, each Nightrace guest spends on average more than 250 euros during their stay as part of the race. And this year these will have an even greater impact because of the extra race on Wednesday.”

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