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Exclusively for PC and Xbox;  "New" screen shots from an old version

Exclusively for PC and Xbox; “New” screen shots from an old version

Since Microsoft acquired Zenimax, there has been a lot of speculation about games from Bethesda and Co. Which will be released exclusively for PC and Xbox – and whether some titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 could also be available on other platforms. Jeff Group, a knowledgeable editor at VentureBeat, wants to make sure of this and wrote on Twitter Starfield (from 69,98 at Pre-orderOnly for PC and Xbox. He wants it in it Reference on him Reports For GamesBeat. An official statement from Microsoft or Bethesda is still pending.

Additionally, presumed screenshots have appeared from an early version of the game from 2018 (again). At the same time, Leaker wrote that there must be different factions in the RPG in science fiction, you can switch between first-person perspectives and persecutor’s views, there will be a display of gravity on the front and one of them will be very likely to walk in space. Spaceships, after all, have proper entrances and exits – although he’s not 100 percent sure of walking in space. However, the real time of the images has not been confirmed. Whether these images represent the current game is questionable, after all, the primary “creativity engine” has been greatly revised in recent years (Informed us).

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